WIP madness

At least I don’t have to worry about what I’m working on next.  I happen to have my WIP’s taking over the house.

My husband made the doll bed, and I need to make a quilt for it.  Although I love dolls, this isn’t for me.  This is for my nieces.

The doll quilt is made of scraps from this quilt, which I need to get off my design floor and finish putting together.

And then there’s this elephant in the room.  It isn’t even halfway done, y’all. 

Oh, and here’s what is on my frame.  Yep, figgy pudding.

What are you working on?

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1 Response to WIP madness

  1. Laura says:

    There’s nothing to work on for me because I don’t have my quilting instructor! 🙂 Too bad I’m not there to help you finish the quilt top on the wall! You know I get those done pretty fast….. Like a Tuesday night until 3 AM!

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