Great Grandma’s Piping

When Laura was here a couple weeks ago, we didn’t just finish her quilt.  We also used some selvages and scraps to make pin cushions.  This one was made using my Willy Wonky scraps.

And then we opened my special box that our Great Grandmother Elsie Marley gave to her daughter-in-law, our grandmother, Helen Marley.  Grandma passed this down to me several years ago.  This box was full of zippers and trims (some are from my stash).  If Grandma Elsie was still alive, she would be about 110 years old, so I think we can refer to the piping I chose as “vintage.”  Do I get extra points for vintage?

On another note, I took these pictures in bad lighting tonight with my new camera.  I love that I can adjust the white balance so that everything doesn’t look yellow.  Also, did you notice my shallow depth of field?  It has something to do with aperture (??).  So, whaddya think?  I think the pictures are already much better and the camera is worth every dime.

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2 Responses to Great Grandma’s Piping

  1. Laura says:

    I love the new camera and this picture at the bottom has somewhat decent lighting. And I made a pincushion for Grandma Helen with the Citrus Charm Pack you gave me. I even wrote a little note on the back. And I just had sewn wrong sides together and left the edges as is! But they are the secret weapon this Christmas….

  2. Love the pics, those look so great! Yay for not being yellow!

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