Summer Fun & Goal Setting

Although I’ve quilted three quilts in four days, I have not had the time to do much sewing.  It’s just as well, though, because I haven’t been inspired to piece anything or even shop.  All I’ve been doing is playing.  Since Monday, I’ve been to Sea World twice, seen Toy Story 3, participated in 4 swim lessons and one art class, hosted a sleepover, and had a dinner party (One night a week my girlfriends come over for dinner & Criminal Minds, even though it isn’t on right now).  I have to say, I’m kind of feeling like Super Girl.

It’s just as well that I’m not feeling inspired to piece.  I happen to have a bajillion yards of batting and a bajillion things to long arm– and I’m totally inspired to quilt.  One of my girlfriends (Kim) is coming in town for a quilting weekend.  So, from 2:30 tomorrow afternoon until some time on Sunday, guess what we’ll be doing?

The funny thing is that every time Kim comes in town for a big sewing weekend, we set our goals, just like Peter recommends, but then we end up shopping more than we planned and sewing the new stuff that we bought instead of our other projects that need finishing.  Don’t get me wrong, though- we do finish a lot.  Just never what we plan to finish.  At school (I’m a middle school teacher), one of the things that I teach is how to set and achieve goals (not sure why I’m the one doing this).  In case you want to start setting some goals, let me pass on what I teach  (And as my mom told me everyday of my childhood after I questioned why I couldn’t chomp ice and why the enamel on my teeth was so important, “Do as I say, not as I do.”).  Gratuitous disclaimer:  I did not create any of this.  I stole these tidbits from a variety of sources, all of whom are much more knowledgeable than me.)

#1.  Set goals with your ABC’s in mind.  Goals must be Achievable, Believable, and Conceivable.  (Okay, here’s what I do, though– I list as many things that a productive insomniac who never had to seam rip and had a team of quilting elves would complete.)

#2.  Goals must be visible.  You know, the same reason that your mission statement at work should be on literature sitting around and on banners as you walk in the place, blah, blah, blah.  (Yeah, I do this.  I put it in writing.  But then I bury it under the cutting mat so that it doesn’t interrupt my creative process.  And then I can’t remember what to work on… not like I was actually being creative in the first place.)

#3.  Figure out who your support is.  Write their names and contact information on a cute little note card to carry with you.  Then when you get stuck, you can call on them for help.  (Blog Readers, this is you, but we aren’t doing the card thingy.)

#4.  Determine what your obstacles are, and figure out how to eliminate or deal with them [without breaking any of the ten commandments, the student code of contact, our classroom social contract, or the mores of our society]. (We are sending my husband to float down the river with some friends, so no cooking necessary in this house.  Of course, this now means that we have no one but ourselves to bring us our diet cokes.)

#5.  Just do it.  Achieve those goals!  Don’t let anything stand in your way!  Quit making excuses!  Get started now!

#6.  Reflect after a certain allotment of time.  (For us, that means we’ll meet back here Sunday night or Monday.

So, here are our goals for the weekend.  Just so you know, I always have a set of shopping goals and quilting goals for weekend like this.  Sometimes food goals, too (like what to eat instead of cobbler).

Shopping Goals:

-backing for Authentic quilt (on sale only!)

-backing for Metro Au Naturale quilt (on sale only!)

-pillow forms (on sale only!)

-find something from stash to use for background of Authentic quilt

-mystery quilt fabric for july class (thinking some Fassett)

-check out shop in Kerrville…or go to Quilt Haus to save time

Sewing Goals

Queen size “Stacking the Odds”ish quilt with Authentic fabric

Long arm 2 Figgy Pudding Quilts

Long arm 2 Poppy Quilts

Finish blocks for Yellow Brick Road king size.  Almost half are done.

Now would be a good time for you to guess how much we’ll actually get done.  Kim, it looks like we’re held to it now.

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4 Responses to Summer Fun & Goal Setting

  1. Suzanne McEachern says:

    Long arm Fayettes Chain and Sand Castles, no hurry of course, just more to add to your list of accomplishments! Have a fun weekend….Mimi

  2. DeDe says:

    I need the yardages for that July mystery quilt. Can’t remember from way back in May.

  3. OK, seriously, #4 had me laughing so hard! I love your list. I had one thing on my weekend list. Take pictures of the poppies (in full bloom by my mom’s house) But that needs to be done between 6 and 8 pm for the light to be right and I’ve missed it every night since Thursday. And tomorrow I’m completely booked due to an exciting ebay auction. I need to come hang out with you and get real projects done. I did however take care of my fingernail maintenance, my daughters and my newborn niece’s. And her mother has been trying to do that for a month now. So that’s gotta count for something?

  4. Jessi says:

    Have fun…I am on house arrest right now since the road trip starts on Thursday…I am totally inspired by you though and cut out some stuff our while watching a boy movie last night. I am super slow so this is a good thing…

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