Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad

If I haven’t mentioned how talented my mom is, let me just tell you that she’s my inspiration.  This woman can shop like no other.  Well, I just returned from a long weekend visiting my mom, and one place she took me was Granite City. I assumed we were going to look at counter tops.  Nope, it’s a restaurant, and I’m so sad that there isn’t one in Texas.  On our 12 hour shopping tour of Kansas (more on this later), we stopped here for dinner in Wichita.  Mom had a beef tenderloin & focaccia salad, and I had a buffalo chicken salad.

I’ve been thinking about it since the moment I ate it at Granite City.  Since I’m on Weight Watchers, I had to find a lite alternative, so here’s what I did to make an 8 point version at home.  It pales in comparison to the real deal; however, it’s fast, doesn’t mess up your kitchen, my husband will it eat, and it’s the least naughty option.  Oh, and it quenched my craving for hot wings.

Here’s what you need:

Lettuce (I used romaine and iceberg), carrots, black olives, blue cheese crumbles, wing sauce, breaded chicken chunks, and lite buttermilk ranch dressing.  I’ll be honest.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this chicken.  It tasted fine, but I don’t think it’s worth the points.

Bake the chicken (We doubled the chicken serving because one serving was only three pieces.) as directed on the box.  Then toss it in one serving of sauce (for the entire batch of chicken) just to make it a little more scandalous.  Place your greens on your plate.  Add as many carrots as you can.  Try to offset the fact that you are about to put a double serving of flaming hot grease balls onto your bed of veggies.  Add some black olives if you want (I opted out, but my husband opted in).  Use half a serving of bleu cheese on each salad (The stuff is so nasty, who’d want a whole serving.  Besides my husband.).  Top with saucy buffalo balls. heheh.  And then add your lite buttermilk ranch, but only one serving, friends.  Jennifer Hudson didn’t go from a 16 or whatever to a 6 by eating 4 servings of ranch dressing.

And there you have it.  Sans dressing, of course.  All this covered in a blanket of ranch just isn’t photogenic.  Tell me what healthy things you’re eating.  I need inspiration.

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  1. Jessi says:

    Maybe I will go to that art walk tonight with one of the kiddos…You could stop by our house before hand with Ethan so he can see the boys…my number is 767-0464. We are in the middle of remodeling, so you will get to see the progress – btw I am totally taking your class in August. My mom and I made alice go get your quilt so I could show my mom wonky squares! Maybe we can sew Tuesday afternoon/nightish…I could try sewing with you – although I am totally intimidated…

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