Round with a touch of whimsy

I  know I vowed to talk more about the quilting process, but I haven’t been staying true to that, have I?  That will all change today, but first, let me tell you a story.  I spent a long weekend in Kansas with my mother, and we hit five quilt shops on Saturday.  At our last shop of the day, we met a couple ladies (Hi, Charlotte and Anita!) and just got to talkin’, as we always manage to do.  Let’s just say by the end of the weekend, I was doing my best to pack four of their quilts, backings, and battings into my suitcase to take home to quilt (plus a couple of Mom’s tops).  And believe it or not, I was able to get all their stuff (5 yards of batting included!) plus all of my stuff (and I did buy many, many yards of fabic amongst other purchases ) into a suitcase.  Not my suitcase,  but one of my mother’s much larger suitcases.  I claim this to be one of my biggest accomplishments– fitting it all without exceeding my [luggage]weight limit.

So, here is the first quilt.  Charlotte made this for her three year old granddaughter.

One of the challenges when quilting for someone else is figuring out what they like instead of giving them what you like.  I know that Charlotte does not like dense quilting, and since she told me to do whatever I wanted to this one, I looked at the fabrics to see what I thought the quilt needed.    One I started looking, I saw swirls.  Check out this kitty’s mustache.

And look at this little cutie.  I speculate if I was a cat, I might look like this.  Round with a touch of whimsy.  Maybe I don’t have to be a cat to be round and whimsical.  Anyway, this cat and I are soul sisters.

And the backing fabric… yep, swirls.

And here’s a shot of the quilting on the front.

Let’s hope Charlotte likes it.  This was my first time quilting on wool batting.  It felt so good– tons better than cotton; however, the edges don’t like as flat.  I wonder how that changes the binding process.  I would imagine it would make it a bit more of a challenge.  If you use wool batting, let us know.  Also, does it make the quilt warmer?

Now I have a request for all you creative folks– I need a name for this quilting design.  Suggestions?

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6 Responses to Round with a touch of whimsy

  1. Charlotte Scott says:

    Purrrswirls is the name I give to this fun kitty quilt!! And yes I love it!! Sooooooooo glad I took the risk of following my heart and sending this little prissy kitty quilt to Texas for a awesome touch of imagination! Thanks!!!!!!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Heavenly Swirls? I love it but the name is tricky!

  3. Char says:

    How about “Your Daddy’s Mustache”. When we were kids my Dad use to wax his mustache and curl up the ends. That’s what the cats face brought to mind.

  4. DeDe says:


  5. Kim says:

    Love it. The Cat’s Meow or Seth’s Sassy Swirls.

  6. suzanne mceachern says:

    That is too cute really complements the whimsical cats. I love it and I think Jack Bauer would too!

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