I finished a cowgirl quilt of my very own design.

This quilt started out with the stacked coin fabric only (minus the two pink prints), but this was for a little girl who is a real pistol.  So I added pink.  And then I started some star blocks.  Not feminine enough.  So then I decided to do a giant stacked coins quilt (since I had just finished Sweet Baby James’ stacked coins).  Yea, no.  Too boring for a giant quilt.  So I went back to the quilt shop and bought the pink print, blue and yellow bandana fabric, and the green background.  And I like this much more.  Check out these sassy cowgirls.

I love the confidence this little cowgirl has!

And what about this one?  I love her because you know she’s just here for the outfits!  That reminds me of when I played tennis in high school.  I only did it because the skirts were so darn cute.  And my record shows it.

What a little tart!  She’s here to steal the cowboys away from the other girls.  In fact, I don’t think the other cowgirls like her.  She’s like that girl from Grease who danced with Danny Zuko in the dance contest.  She wasn’t there to make friends– she was there to get her man!

And here’s the BFF cowgirls.  I love them.  Can you identify with any of these cowgirls?  I love them all.

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2 Responses to Cowgirls

  1. Wendy says:

    Very cute Danielle! I’m sure the cute little pistol will love it! Now she just needs some cute little cowgirl pants with FRINGE on them! =-) My oldest daughter had one pair of red cowgirl pants with fringe when she was little, and she started cutting paper into “fringe pants” and drawing fringe pants on her pictures and everything. She LOVED ’em!!! Maybe i should buy or make a pair for her now that she’s almost 21! Whatdya think?!

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