Guest Blogger: Laura, Day 3

Have you been following Laura’s postings as she makes her first quilt?  Now we’re on day three of her journey.

The top is finished. It was fun. The method I used was cut cut cut, then sew sew sew! The backing is done too and all that is left is for me to quilt it. The long arm machine is far from simple. It’s intimidating. Scary, to say the least. But I think I can get over it. Maybe. Danielle might have to do A LOT of it, but I’d still be happy! She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. Like ever. Like in all my 8 years of school, she is my favorite. She can coach me through it and keep me from freaking out. I’ll attempt to begin.

Laura chose a landscape meander, and I snapped some pics while she worked.  She was a natural.  I helped her load the quilt, but she truly quilted 95% of it herself.  I was only at the helm to trouble shoot threading and needle issues.

Here’s the latest update from Laura, several hours later:

The quilting part is DONE. Took about two hours, but it is DONE! I feel like a kid going to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! The binding will be fun… Danielle told me her first binding on a quilt took EIGHT HOURS. I’m scared, but to make it through those eight to twelve hours (for me!) is the complete season one of Glee. Best. Show. EVER. Wish me luck!
Laura is a fast learner.  I doubt it will take her 8 hours like mine did:-)  Tune in tomorrow for the final update and pictures of her masterpiece.
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