Guest Blogger, Laura, Day 2

Remember my sweet cousin Laura?  Here she is with an update.

The fabric has been touched!

I got my lazy butt out of bed and  just finished cutting the fabric for the Perfect Ten quilt, which is made of ten fat quarters  (plus binding, borders, and backing). I cut the fabric and because there were only nine quarters in my set and two of them I was not loving, I had to cut three fat quarters from Danielle’s stash. Well, that’s a lie. Danielle cut my three fat quarters because I had minimal rotary cutter experience before I got here, and I had no idea how to cut.

I am in the process of building the quilt top and so far, it is beautiful! More on that later, and when I finish.  Until then,  I shall stare at it in the hopes a heavenly being called Danielle will help me quilt the actual, well, quilt!

And help her quilt, I will.  She’s a natural so far.  Laura did not have to re-cut anything, and she still has all her fingers.  By the way, the only cutting I did was cut fat quarters out of my stash– she did all the real cutting.

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1 Response to Guest Blogger, Laura, Day 2

  1. Candy says:

    It is in the Marley DNA. I think Laura will be a natural. I have seen other types of sewing projects. I remember an adorable purse. All of you are so talented.

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