Good Folks

Today was my son’s last day of preschool, and let me say,  I adore his teacher.  Ms. Shelli recognizes all of her students’ gifts.  The classroom is a mixture of special needs students and teachers’ kids, ages 3-5.  Having my son in that environment has been such a gift because it has helped foster a strong degree of compassion and humanity.  He is so full of love toward everyone, and I give credit to Ms. Shelli and her program.  Her handpicked instructional team has helped bring out all the qualities I could have hoped for in my child.  (I hope I won’t screw him up over the summer!)  So, today, Ethan and I presented her with a quilt.  This precious woman cried because no one has ever made her a quilt, and she was so touched.  But you know, she deserves a thousand quilts.  I hope your children are lucky enough to have teachers like Ms. Shelli, and I hope Ethan’s kindergarten teacher will be just what he needs for this next phase.

I just had to tell you.

Because my heart hurts.  Watching him grow up isn’t easy.

But at least he has good folks in his path.  This is Ms. Rachel, the special education teacher, and Ms. Shelli, the general ed teacher, is on the right in her cowgirl hat.  (We are in Texas, y’all.)

And speaking of good folks, I have a new project in the works.

Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner

Just wait.  It gets better.

Also, I’ve been dreaming about making a Denyse Schmidt Single Girl quilt.  I bought the pattern, and I’m wondering if my Good Folks scraps are enough to get me well into the project.  I have 22 fabrics… whaddya think?

lots of good scraps!

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2 Responses to Good Folks

  1. Kris says:

    I JUST bought those fabrics! I love them too. I will watch to see what you do with them! Let me know what the difficulty level is.

  2. felicity says:

    everyone should be so lucky to have such a great start to school – I was a student in a small country school with children with special needs as well and I would recommend the experience to everyone.
    Love the quilts, just wish we lived a bit closer as I suspect I would be at your place regularly to quilt.

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