Figgy Pudding Addiction

I’m not doing so well on my fabric diet.  Well, okay, that’s not true.  I’m spending the same amount, but I have some sewing money coming in from long arming and from people commissioning me to make quilts.  This helps.  Well, it did until I started my latest addiction.  Figgy Pudding and Fruitcake.  One of my galpals and I bought over 30 yards of the stuff.  But at least we’ve done something with some of it.

Like this:

Yes, you’ve seen it before here.  I basically followed the pattern, except that I adjusted sizes and used a charm pack instead of a layer cake.

And then I made this:

And instead of cutting 12 blocks, like I had intended to do, I cut 14.  So I went ahead and added one more and appliqued the year on it.

The problems are 1.) now I’m committed to finishing it and gifting it this year, and 2.) it’s a weird shape.  Long and skinny.  Like me.  In my dreams.  Ha!

Anyway, so really, I’m just killing time until my batting comes in and I can get to quilting again.  I was almost out of quilt tops to practice new stitches on, hence the 30+ yards of Figgy Pudding/Fruitcake. Oh, and speaking of quilting, have you seen this?  LOVE her quilting, and her stencils are amazing.  Ordering some today.

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