Blog/WordPress Assistance Needed

My name is Danielle, and I hate the appearance of my blog.


  • My header is a trainwreck.  That isn’t me.  Well, it’s part of me, but it sure isn’t everything I want to reflect.  I want a collage, but how?  Do I make a collage and then use it as a single jpeg?  But it will only show a sliver of a photo, which is an even bigger problem.  My photography sucks, but my drawing is even worse.
  • I want a widget that will showcase finished quilts each year, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
  • I want cute fonts, but I can’t figure out the whole typekit packaging, etc.

…and while I am sure there are other problems, these are the biggies.  Do you have a special wordpress savvy person in your life?  I need design work, folks.

Possible solutions:

  • buy SLR camera
  • adopt a teenager since they know everything about technology

I’m at a loss and don’t even know where to start.  Can y’all point me in a direction?

Sherry Key update:  The doctors were finally able to take her off the ventilator last night…sixteen days after the accident, I believe.  She’s doing well, but still has a long way to go.  Your prayers for her and her family have been heard and are still needed.

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7 Responses to Blog/WordPress Assistance Needed

  1. Suzanne McEachern says:

    You would have exponential problems if you adopted a teenager-rent one! Love to help you out but you know how Mimi is with computers!

  2. carmel says:

    I wish i could help
    I just found out that you have this new blog
    I think it looks great all ready!
    im becoming a follower here as well

  3. Lindsey says:

    Hi Danielle!

    I have been lurking/reading your blog for awhile now and I’m a huge fan. 🙂 I had two thoughts that you might want to hear.. since you took the trouble to get your own domain (good for you!), would you be willing to pay for some assistance? If so..
    1.) Take a look at Etsy. There are a ton of graphic designers who will design your banner for you, or tweak your website.
    2.) It looks like you switched from blogger to wordpress. If you would consider switching back, these ladies have designed several of the blogs on my reading list, and they’re all fantastic!

    I don’t know if either of these will end up being helpful, but I thought I’d speak up anyway. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. It’s very pretty and full of character. I also feel so privileged to watch you on your quilting journey from the beginning on. I see you are somewhere in the DMV…? Once I was there for 3 hours. I almost put my head in an oven, but they didn’t have one.

      Thanks for the tips–I am willing to pay for assistance. I would have stayed with blogger, except that I wanted threaded comments (I don’t know why), and I want to be my own boss. Stupid, huh? Just in case someone somewhere wants to sponsor me, I thought I needed to own my own domain, and I wanted to get it before I had many followers. I’m not sure if I should delete my blog on blogger since I moved it over or what. Anyway, I will definitely look for someone who specializes in wordpress to fix my page up. Of course, before this happens, I need to take some projects outside and capture some quality images– well, the best I can without a decent camera.

      Oh, and thanks for saying you’re a huge fan. No one has ever said that to me before, so I’m giddy. Come visit again, and I’ll do the same.

      TTYL, Danielle

  4. I am by no means fantastic with wordpress… but I’ve been playing with it for a year. Send me some pics and I’ll make you a header…. actually, I’ll email you. :o)

  5. Elisabet says:

    I was wondering around quilting sites and came across your call for help. I find that there are some pretty great free wordpress themes, which are fairly easy to install. features some of the best ones. I also recommend these girls for web design,…great talent! Good luck.

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