The Verdict

The pink & white damask won the poll!  67% of you selected that option.  It was a bit of a pain since it is directional, but I love the result.  I offset the damask with an electric lime.

It was a great weekend sewing.  Believe it or not, I finished five quilt tops.  One of my friends and I made our own little quilt retreat.  We only stopped sewing long enough for food and shopping, two of my favorite things.  Now I have to figure out how to quilt this baby.  Ideas?  I love how girlie it is, and it definitely needs a girlie design.

I’m out of batting (more on order), so this is going to have to remain a top for at least another week.  This quilt is going to go live at my LQS, where I’ll be teaching a class on wonky squares.

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1 Response to The Verdict

  1. Um I LOVE this. Just plain LOVE!!! And, I was wondering if I can get a few scraps from you if you have some….. particularly the green apple print. I’ll email you.

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