Border Consultation

Have you seen this button floating around?

I’m so glad that Rossie started this movement, and I hope it spreads quickly because I need to discuss my quilting process regularly.  You see, I make decisions by talking it out.  Talking it out with you guys seems perfect because y’all have impeccable taste and always have great solutions to my fabric and pattern decisions.

Well, my friends, this time I need help with my borders.  I just finished the sashing on a wonky squares quilt.  The fabric I picked out for the borders is shown below.

Ignore that pink inner border.  I threw that in because it looked horrible jumping right from white sashing to the border print, and I needed something to stick in there.  If we go with this border print, then I’ll buy a different pink to go there.  You see what I mean?  This doesn’t really look good.

What about this, though?

And then there’s this damask.  I originally bought this to back the quilt, but I think I like this more for border.  What do you think?  Please take the poll.

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2 Responses to Border Consultation

  1. DeDe says:

    Have you tried a green?

  2. Wendy says:

    OHMYGOD!!! I’ve been out of town, came back and realized, “Where’s Danielle?!?!” Blogger has NO idea you’re over here!
    Don’t worry, though. My silly little self realized you have this thingy on the side where you let me get an e-mail when you post, so i’m takin’ advantage of THAT! ‘Cause, you know, i’m not too great in the Brains department.
    Lots going on over here. And i see lots has been goin’ on over your way too.
    I am so sincerely sorry about your childhood friend and her baby! I almost cried when i read that post. I’m so sorry Danielle.

    Wishing peace for your heart.

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