Clickity Click

Look, people– it happens.  You know the drill.  Sure, I was on a fabric diet, but sometimes, we deviate from the plan.  I have a few quilts I’ve been commissioned to make, so what’s a girl to do. Of course, buy more fabric!

This was just a guilty pleasure.  I’ve never bought any Asian fabrics– I’ve always hesitated, not because I don’t love them, but because I didn’t want to have start another stack in my stash.  I finally just gave in because it’s just gorgeous. I bought it at my LQS.

I blame this one on my friend DeDe, who was in town for the mystery class this weekend.  She had never been to Quilt Haus, so we had to go.  It’s a dangerous place.  Oops, this one is just a guilty pleasure for me, too.

When fabric is half off, you must load up on backings, especially if they are pink.  Doncha know the rules?

And thanks to Char, with just a few clickity clicks, I was able to order these much needed fabrics online.  This is actually for a client.  So, soon, you’ll see a bunch of new quilts.  I have three tops that are almost finished.  Unfortunately, I’m out of batting (but I do have more ordered), so they’ll have to be tops for a little while longer.  I’ll see you guys when I have something else to show!

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1 Response to Clickity Click

  1. Jessi says:

    I went to Quilt Haus this weekend while I was on my church retreat – I love that store. I bought some fabric for a boy quilt, because I live in boy world – I do not stock up on pink backing – I am coveting those apples – I have the green apples!!!!

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