Stimulated Economy

I did a bit of shopping.  But I have excuses.
Have you tried to find any of this lately?  Nope.  Not hardly available unless you want canvas or the new line Pure.
One thing I’ve learned is that you MUST buy yardage when you buy pre-cuts, and since I have a couple charm packs of Hushabye, I needed this to go with it.
Okay, so this Dolce was only $5.99 a yard here, so I had to get six yards to keep my other Dolce fabrics company.  (Hurry, sale ends 5/17)
And remember this quilt?  Well, someone else requested one, so I’m on the hunt for this Marcus Brothers Metro Au Naturale fabric.  Can’t find it anywhere!  If you see it somewhere, please let me know because I need to make this into a king…not sure yet how I’m going to turn 6 FQ into a king-size quilt.
I had to buy these because the FQ’s here were 10 for $15.  Yes, I bought 30 (not all are shown in this pic).  For some reason Civil War reproductions are speaking to me.
And these are supposed to end up as a man quilt, but I’m not sure they are as manly as they need to be.  Which is a shame since I have 11 yards.  What do you think?  Do they work together?  These are also Civil War repros.
And I’ve been stalking this pattern ever since I saw the one Ryan made for QuiltDad.
Loving Kaffe Fassett, I ran into a BOM using his fabrics.  Like I could say no…  BTW, the picture does not show how vibrant the quilt really is.  It was so lovely I almost licked it in the store.  (TMI??)
No longer am I a vision of organized loveliness.
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6 Responses to Stimulated Economy

  1. Claudia says:

    This is great someone else that doing mystic forest from painted pony. I signed up when I was at Quilt Festival in Houston. The quilt in peroson is fab.

  2. Wendy says:

    a.) Those repros totally go together. My (almost) 19 yo agrees with me, so it must be so!2.) (i listen to my 19 yo too much! but she says) those fabrics have flowers in them and men never want to wrap up in flowers unless there's a woman in there first!hut.) Stalking (like we're talkin' about!) is NEVER a bad thing.Delta.) NEVER tmi [in my humble opinion, 'cause you can say, like, ANYthing to me! =-)(once again, proof that wine and comment boxes do NOT mix!) {brought to you by the letter 'C'}ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!Sorry Danielle. I don't know WHO to blame for letting me at the 'puter tonight………..But i love EVERYBODY!=-)

  3. Sew It UP! says:

    Wow! Great stuff!

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