I heart the mail man [sic].

It was definitely a good mail day!  First up, a Kona color card I won over at The Purl Bee.  Just think, they were busy moving into their new space, and they still found time to stick my prize in the mail.  Thanks, guys!  BTW, have you seen the pics of their new shop?  I’m dying to visit.  Makes me want to do some handwork….as if I don’t have a bajillion bindings to do.

Also, remember how I said I needed to find a way for my quilting addiction to pay for itself?  Well, I ordered mini moo cards after I saw how cute Carla Barrett’s were.  All business people have cards, right?  Yes, I needed some. First I saw the cute box which whispered, “Open them. Quick!”

And I did.  I love that they put a little divider for “mine” and “theirs.”  That’s so optimistic!  They think I’m going to have friends who have  mini moo cards:-)  If you have one, will you send it to me?  That way I can have at least one behind the tab!

But then I pulled out the little cards (they are only 3×1 inches!!).

Yes, those are pictures of my quilts on the back, with my detail information on the front.  Aren’t those moo people clever?!  They are also very affordable.  (No, they aren’t my sponsors.)  They also estimated that it would take almost two weeks.  Nope.  They arrived in one.  I went to the mailbox thinking I’d get grocery ads, but no, I got moo cards.  Yea, me!

I think the cards are working, too, despite the fact that I haven’t passed out a single one.  Yes, people have been paying me to quilt lately.  Heck, I just thought if I put “professional” that people would assume it was true since “rookie” longarm quilter seems less enticing.  Oh, well!  Anyway, I just feel like such a big girl!

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2 Responses to I heart the mail man [sic].

  1. DeDe says:

    That Kona color card was very helpful this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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