The "Before" Shot- feather quilting

It’s always important to take photos before and after your diet, right?  Well, you sure aren’t getting a photo of me in spandex biker shorts and a sports bra, but I will give you my “before” pic of my feather quilting. 

One of the thing I love about long arm quilting is that your improvement rate is exponential. In fact, I can tell which end of practically any quilt I started quilting because the other end looks so much better.  Anyway, this was my first try quilting feathers, and I wanted to document the occasion.  They look way better than I had anticipated.  By the time I finish this 4 yard piece of practice fabric, I’m thinking I’ll be ready to use real fabric.

Oh, and regarding the photo– please ignore the gimp feather on the right.  You know the one.  I ran out of thread there and apparently I messed up my mojo.  Oh, and ignore my chalk lines.  But hey, pretend this was on a busy piece of fabric.  It would look 1000 times better, I’m sure!

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