Happy Anniversary, Nina!

My mom is so cool.  Did you know that instead of an Easter basket each year, she had the Easter Bunny bring me a designer purse filled with lovely things like perfume, make up, coin purses, etc.?  (Added note: some of us didn’t need the calories!)  This tradition started when I was in seventh grade and ended when I was a sophomore in college, 1993.  That year, the Easter Bunny brought me my Bernina 1000.

I love this machine.  In fact, when I was pregnant (2005), I told my husband that I wanted to name our daughter Nina, after my sewing machine.  Let’s just say he’s glad we had a son.  Mom bought this machine for $300 when a little sewing shop was going out of business and selling their classroom models.  It was a steal.  Years later, in 2004, I decided I wanted a fancy machine.  Being loyal to Bernina, I bought another one, which I’ve mostly been using since.  Of course, Nina still does my bindings because I’m cheap.  I just can’t stomach the $169 to buy another walking foot for my new machine when I have one for my old machine.  Pathetic, isn’t it?  Anyway, I just dusted off Nina a couple weeks ago and have been sewing on her lately, and it’s like I’m falling in love all over again.  That’s the best darn sewing machine in the world.  Do you have a favorite sewing machine? Or do you love all of your machines equally?

I’m off to sew a little more before bed, but I just had to let you guys know that it’s almost the 17th anniversary of Nina coming to live with me.  Cheers!

By the way, can you figure out what I’m making yet?

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