Flange Binding

I love learning new things, and tonight I learned something that I can’t wait to try.

My friend Vickie came over to finish her first and last paper pieced quilt.  So we threw this baby on the long arm and stippled it up.  Paper piecing isn’t the new thing I learned, though.  Check out what she did instead of binding it…
That edging is called flange.  Have you heard of it?  I know I’m a little cuckoo, but I love binding, so I’ve never searched for other options (nope, never tried prairie points either).  I really like this, though.
I think this quilt is just precious.  I also love how Vickie added a little variety to her blocks (the squares within the squares were the paper pieced blocks), but didn’t end up with a sampler.   I also love that she is never paper piecing again.  I remember one era of my life when I bought a gazillion (or 7 or 8) paper piecing books and was really hooked on it.  How quickly that passes, thank goodness (Sorry, Carol Doak).  Of course, Vickie’s quilt looks beautiful, and doesn’t look paper pieced at all. 

Speaking of beautiful, here’s my baby making his own quilt.  Clearly he’s had good modeling.  He did ask me to take the walking foot off the machine so that he could sew.  I don’t think it’s normal for a four year old to know what a walking foot is, but whatever the case may be, I just love having his company while I sew… even if he is pinning his Thanksgiving fabrics on a pink background.

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