Fabric ISO pattern! STAT!

In the last post, I mentioned that I have some fabric that needs a pattern.  This post is me begging for some input.  Mom, that means you’re going to have to figure out how to leave a comment.  Go find the person at work who taught you to use your ipod.

First up we have Girl Chirp.  I loved these fabrics online, but when I got them, they seemed flat, color-wise.  I need to add something to them to add a little more depth.  But then what?  This quilt needs to happen ASAP because my home-girl had a baby 12 days ago, and this fabric is for her.  Cute baby needs cute quilt.  Thinking filmstrip quilt.  But then again, there are some block size panels.  Perhaps I could fussy-cut.  Go to fatquartershop.com to check this out in better lighting.

Next up, we have Nouveau.  I bought 4 charm packs & 2 yards of the print.  Maybe a half square triangle quilt?  Tossed nine patch with the centers being the print?

And then we have Authentic.  I have a couple pieces of yardage that can go with this.  Or I could order more (I don’t think online shopping will violate my solemn vow not to shop this weekend).  I have no clues on what to do with this.  The prints aren’t too large, as one might expect.  Maybe Bento Box?

And then I have my peer-pressure purchase.  Okay, so no peers were with me when I ordered this.  And no one that I’ve seen online has bought this.  But something pulled me toward it.  But those voices have stopped talking to me, and here I am with Dolce, but no idea of what to do with it.  I will most certainly have to buy more fabrics to go with this because my stash is hurting regarding pinks and aqua.  Too much stash-busting perhaps wasn’t such a grand idea?  Nah.

If you have any ideas, send them over, please!  I need my goals set by Friday evening.  Fairy godmothers, get out your wands.  (DeDe, this means you, too!)

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