Decisions, Decisions

I’m kind of stuck.  I had to toss the ridiculous round robin quilt aside to find something else to work on.  Have you met Peter?  One reason he’s so productive is that he sets weekly goals, so I tell him my goals every week…not that he has ever responded, but still, I must tell someone.  Makes me more likely to commit to a plan.  So I tried a little extra goals setting to get me out of my slump.  First I listed all the fabric groupings I had sitting around… fabric waiting on it’s fairy godmother to take it to the ball.

Really?  Have I bought that much fabric in the last year or so that I haven’t touched?  I honestly thought I had been stash-busting, but when I look at this list, it kind of makes me feel guilty. At least I’m stimulating the economy, right?  I’m just glad I haven’t mentioned all the fabric I’ve bought and actually used in the last year.  I can’t even do that kind of math.
And then I listed the quilt tops that are ready to be quilted.  Backings included.
And then I made the listing WIP/UFO’s.  And kits I have yet to touch.
Oh, but wait.  As I sat there stuck with all these projects listed on this big sheet of butcher paper, I still couldn’t find a single thing to work on.  About that time my husband stumbled into my studio.  He saw the list and my frowny face and quickly tried to solve my predicament by telling me to start with the WIP’s & UFO’s.  Yeah, right.  That’s preposterous.  My friend Kim is coming this weekend for a couple days of sewing bliss, but unfortunately, we have made a little promise to ourselves, our loved ones, and our WIPs/UFOs to actually work instead of shop.  Preposterous. 
I guess I better set some goals.  Do you guys set goals each week, or do you just follow your inspiration?  Do tell.  Every time Kim and I set goals, we shop and buy something else to sew.  Maybe we should just get out our old goals:-)
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