One of the oldest UFO’s EVER

 See this mess?  This is what my sewing table looks like when I’m in the groove.  I joined an online quilting bee, and I’m so excited because I haven’t been part of an exchange since 1997.  In fact, I just pulled that project out (yes, it was still in my closet!) to finish it.  Some of that floral heap is part of my 1997 exchange.

 If you haven’t joined a round robin exchange or a virtual bee, you might consider it.   It’s a great way to meet other quilters and try out some techniques that you might have not tried before.  One downside is that not everyone uses the same quarter inch, if you know what I mean.  See the following evening star on the left?  It has no seam allowance, so if you were to put it in a quilt, you’d lose the points.  The one on the right is one with seam allowances intact.

So, when deciding if you want to join a bee, make sure you are a laid-back kind of gal (or guy), or you’ll be redoing a lot of work.

But sometimes, you get work that is simply beautiful and exceeds your expectations.  My embroidery is very primitive (translation: it looks awful).  But look at this. 

Yeah, I could never do embroidery work like that!  So, there you have it.  Personally, I love being in exchanges and am so glad I found something that will work for me.  I’m not in any other groups, so I sure have the time on my hands.  That’s a good thing because here’s the layout for my other red robin exchange.  Yes, that’s over 400 sashing blocks.  I better get crackin’ on it.

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