Mushy Brain

I watch a lot of tv while I sew. I really love to watch an entire series because then I don’t have to figure out what to watch next.  For graduation, my aunt gave me a one-season (4 dvd) series called Moonlight.  If you are into vampires (sorry Team Jacob), go get it.  The main character is no Edward Cullen, but I do love him anyway.  Even if he, like Edward, won’t turn his female counterpart into a vampire.  Take Twilight, add some action, and there you have it, it’s Moonlight.  Vampires are so cool.  (And much better looking than zombies)

I posted this picture originally from  Am I allowed to post it if I give them credit and don’t claim it as my own?  If you’re an experienced blogger, do tell.  I’m too pretty for prison.

Another series that I loooooove is Weeds.  Yes, I watched all five seasons.  And I have no idea where this photo originated or where I found it.

This series is about Nancy.  Nancy’s husband dies before the first episode, and to help her remain in her upscale suburban lifestyle, she resorts to selling weed to keep her family afloat.  I’m not endorsing drug use.  Just say no!  But I am endorsing this quirky show.  You’ll laugh, and  you’ll want more.  Season 6 (the next one out) will be the last season.  I watch Weeds online through Amazon Video On Demand, which means I log on to my Amazon account, pay for the series (about $15 or $20 per season), and then they are in the library on my account, to be accessed from any computer.  If I ever get the new ipad, I see this as the way to go for watching video.  Anyway, I love it, but the video is a little jumpy.  Not sure if it’s my computer or if it’s because I’m streaming (can’t log on & watch a show about selling drugs at work as a public school teacher or I’ll be on the news, so I can’t figure what the problem is).

The other series I’ve watched lately is Greek. (Once again, no idea who has the copyright on this photo– abc family, maybe?)

This show is pure college drama.  Am I college age?  No.  Do I go to wild parties?  No.  Am I living vicariously through them? I reckon so.  They’re my little college friends on tv.  I want them to have fun yet keep their grades up and not neglect their responsibilities.  I worry about their futures.  And I love the way the main character’s best friend dresses– she’s a fashionista (and sometimes a train wreck).  Anyway, there are three seasons out, and I watch this on  for free.  Yes, that’s right, FREE.

Do I watch other shows?  Heck yeah, but not while I sew.  I watch Glee, Nip/Tuck, and Big Bang Theory.   I watch nothing with any redeeming value.  All brain mush.  Please don’t tell my students.  Have I mentioned I’m a teacher of gifted & talented students?  If they were to read about what shows I watch, they’d think I was a fraud!  K, well, I gotta go catch up on my dvr because I’m auditioning some some MTV shows that I think I can add to my smut repertoire.  Pray for my soul.

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