Valentine Love

My mom is headed to her retreat in Kansas this weekend.  Her bee meets monthly to sew, and I finally was able to join her group a couple times last summer since they coordinated with a couple trips to see her.  They are going to hang out in their jammies, eat quiche (well, that’s what my mom’s bringing anyway) and sew for three days.  It reminds me of last weekend.  Except I was at my house, in my pajamas with my friend Kim.  Of course, we took frequent breaks to shop and dine (the food alone is another entry), but otherwise, we had a retreat experience.

Check out this heart bulls eye that we made.  Actually, we made two– one for each of us.  I can’t wait to get it quilted, bound, and washed up so that it will get raggedy.  It was so much fun getting to sew with a friend, particularly one who is as obsessed as I am.  She already has her 10th quilt planned out, and she’s only on #3.  I love it.

And speaking of blogging friends, Donna (If you haven’t stopped by her blog to check out her service project Hearts 4 Haiti, you should:-) stopped by my blog last week to tell me about a shop in New Braunfels that is amazing, Quilt Haus.  Ladies and Gents, this place was to die for.  If ever a shop was completely my taste, this was it.  Amy Butler (who knew she made solids????), Hope Valley, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffee Fassett, etc.  This is where I want my ashes spread.

Until then, I’ll keep quilting with my best quilting buddy, my son, who drew me this quilt last weekend.  See, he already knows how much I love squares.

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