My first long-arm quilt

The company is gone, and I finally have time to tell you all about it.  The long arm was set up before Christmas, but I had minimal time to play with it prior to leaving town the weekend before Christmas for graduation.  Oddly enough, the first quilt I did was a Halloween quilt.  

After Christmas, we did a little shopping in one of my favorite little towns, Castroville.  I dragged a couple quilts along and had my friend Morgan take some pics with her new Christmas camera while her mom and me cashed in on a major sale.  Morgan did a great job taking pics of the quilts.  Her first time doing this is much better than anything I’ve done so far!

I used three quilting designs in this quilt.k  I stippled the black background, did a modified mouse maze on the purple parts, and a landscape meander on the large squares.

I love this machine and can’t wait to post some other pics of what I’ve done so far.  

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