Pigs in a Blanket

Black Friday was the most fun.  My mom is in town, and we decided to nix the sales and instead have our own little quilt shop hop.  We headed to the shop in Castroville  (this town is also great for eating and antiquing, two of my other pastimes) and the shop in Bandera (self-proclaimed cowboy capital of the world.  Yes, you’ll see horses parked next to Harleys.).  Afterward, we hit one of my home shops, Memories by the Yard in San Antonio.

I picked up some goodies, one thing being a new slipper pattern.

They had a sample in the shop that was way cute, so I had to try out a pair.  By the time it was all said & done, I think I spent $70 on my slippers since I had to buy tooled leather, felted wool (in three colors in case I never find it again), minky, and fabric because Lord knows I have no fabric at home.  When we got home, Mom and I sewed while my darling husband picked up take out.

I’ve never heard of this pattern company before, but their instructions were easy to understand (and I rarely sew anything aside from quilts or bags).  Luckily I wear a 7, which is  basically the size the pattern is.  All other sizes need to be enlarged or reduced on the copier, but the company does provide the size conversion information.  This was so much fun that I think I’ll make another pair tomorrow if I have any other size 7 friends:-)

I’m going on a quilting retreat next weekend in Salado, and I’m definitely bringing these cuties along.

Also, in case you want some awesome nachos (broken tacos), stop at OST restaurant in downtown Bandera.  Divine!

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