Patience Is Not My Virtue

For 15 years I’ve wanted a long arm, and my time has finally come.  My new Handi Quilter Avante will be shipped December 9.  My entire life, I cannot remember anything I’ve ever wanted more than this.  It’s also so hard to wait for the right timing– the triad of available time, money, and space for something of this magnitude. 

So in the meantime, I’m spending my time drafting my new plan to convert our game room into my quilting studio.  I have no idea how I’ll address lighting because the ceiling fan won’t be enough for a 15×25 space.  I haven’t decided if I’m keeping my sewing room, or if I’ll turn that into another bedroom.  With so many quilting friends in other cities, I could see where having two guest bedrooms would be necessary.  My husband and I are lucky because we live at the same exit as Sea World, so we end up with lots of friends coming through and staying for the weekend, but I’m thinking the long arm will bring many more.

I’m so giddy.  Have I mentioned that I have about 8 quilt tops ready to put on the frame (well, I still need to buy about 3 backings).

Do you have tips or advice for me while designing my space?  Figuring out lighting? Learning the long-arm way?  Where I can buy rolls of batting for the best price?  What type of batting to use?  I’ve been visiting a lot of forums and message boards and have found a lot of information, but now I have even more questions than when I started.

Well, it’s Friday, and since I can’t go to happy hour (I rarely go anyway), I found a fun project for the night.  Have you seen Pat Sloan’s free patterns?  I haven’t decided if I’m going to do Farmer’s Market or Remember, it’s 5:00 Somewhere.  If only I wasn’t at work, I’d be able to make a decision!

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