Quilting is a Dangerous Sport!

One podcast that I listened to last week was from Driven to Quilt , and it discussed the importance of quilting in an ergonomically sound fashion in order to prevent injury.  As I was listening, I was kind of chuckling about how “that could never happen to me,” when I realized that the lady speaking was the one telling me that she didn’t think it could happen to her.  And it did.  I’m sure it will now be karmic retribution for me to sustain some kind of crazy quilting injury.  So now I’m totally paranoid.  (I’m a worst-case scenario thinker, and I’m always convinced I’m about to come down with some kind of illness and suddenly die.  Yes, I’ve called my husband before to tell him, “Hey, in case I die, tell the coroner I had a [insert random ailment].”  I’m also worried they’ll think he killed me, and he’ll be arrested, so our child will be raise by God-knows-who since I’m an only-child without siblings to raise my child and love him like his daddy or I would.)  You can see the duress I’ve been under all for the sake of quilting.  To exacerbate the situation, Becky Goldsmith gave us a big talk about going to pilates to strengthen our cores so that we can quilt and reduce our risk of injury.  Yes, I’ve now heard two times in one day about the dangers of reckless sewing.  What is it Oprah says?  Something about God whispering to you?  Sheesh, I need to start paying better attention.

I’ve sewn everyday this week, and everyday, I’m budgeting my time between hand applique and machine work, just like the podcaster and my BFF Becky Goldsmith recommends.  Truth be told, I’m serious dying to do more hand applique, but I try to not do more than an hour at a time.  So, a little of this, and a little of that.  One thing is certain.  After hand work, it sure makes you appreciate how fast machine piecing is.  So, another WIP is finished (well, aside from quilting and binding).  This baby isn’t going to be done on my sewing machine.  Dear Hubby needs to buy me a long arm.

The quilt top shown is from Livin’ Large by Anka’s Treasures .  Pattern is Kaleidoscope, and I used Paisley Party by Terry Atkinson and Liz Lois for Red Rooster Fabrics.  I actually bought this as a kit at Henfeathers in Wichita, KS this summer.

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