To my readers  reader out there, I’m guessing you want to see my studio.  I call it a studio (I keep singing the wrong rendition of the Phil Collins song in my head.  su-su-studio), but in reality, it’s a spare bedroom.  If I ever get a long-arm, I’m taking over the game room, and then, we can officially call it a studio.  Well, now that I’m done with graduate school (what a long, miserable ordeal that was), I decided that it’s time to fix up my little room so that I can really make some magic happen.  First, husband and I made a design board.  I put some stuff on the top, and my son decorated the bottom.  To the right of the design board is my ironing table my husband made.  I love it!

And my table isn’t piled high with about 8 projects (they are now in plastic boxes under the ironing table).  My jars are for selvages and trims.  The digital picture frame has some favorite pics for quilting inspiration.

And my $13 lamp (hope it won’t burn down the house).

And I suppose you want to see my fabric armoirs.  Most of my fabric is shown here.  The top shelf houses my stack of reds and a few future projects.

This armoir is just a mess from this vantage point.  I don’t even know how to classify it.  Let’s try.  On top is my basket of tools, on the top shelf (left) is a stack of patterns I want to make soon.  Top right shelf houses a couple kits I’m hiding from my husband, UFO blocks, and Laurel Burch fabrics.  Next shelf- florals and antique hankies (folding is so over-rated).  Bottom shelf (left)- another BOM yet to get past the first block.  Bottom right-???

Well, dear reader, that’s my workspace.  You didn’t get a tour of the closet.  There’s a bit of fabric there, too, but it isn’t as neatly stacked.  Usually, I throw a stack in (anywhere it fits), and I shut the door real quickly to prevent an avalanche.  As for the room, I’m considering painting it next.  But then again, those armoirs might be too heavy to move.  Not sure what else to do with the room, aside from shopping for accessories.  I’d love a dress form.  Love those, especially the cute ones.  I don’t want one that is my size, though– just the size I am in my dreams.  XOXO-G’night, dear reader Mom.

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