Whew!  I’ve been in graduate school the past 18 months, and my gift to myself was to start my quilting blog when I finished.  Well, I have two small documents left to submit (due Sunday), but what the heck, I can’t wait another day.  I’ve been quilting for almost 17 years, and I have yet to waiver in my passion for the needle & thread.  I wake up thinking about quilting, and I go to sleep thinking about quilting.  If I were to ever quilt my job, which is truly an awesome job that I love, I would do it to quilt more.  I’m not sure my husband, bless his heart, knows the depth of my feelings about my “hobby.”  Can we really call it a hobby?  It’s definitely more like a lifestyle.  Or a compulsion.  In fact, just the other day I was wishing I had more friends.  But only friends who quilted.  Yes, this could be an addiction.

I am in my sewing room about five times a week.  Sometimes I’m only there 20 minutes, and sometimes I make a day of it.  I love to piece traditional quilts with bright fabrics.  Of course, I also love to embroider (hand and machine) and applique (ditto).  Now that I’m done with my stinkin’ education, I’m planning to be in the sewing room as close to everyday as possible.  One awesome thing is that my husband works nights half the time, so on those stretches, I’m a no-cooking, pajama-wearing, quilting maniac.  We’re on one of those stretches now.

I started quilting when I was in college.  I was hooked instantly, and instantly started buying loads of fabric.  I think I had a $100 a week fabric monkey on my back.  The problem was, every time [let’s not mention any names] came out with a new fabric, I was first in line.  Well, let’s just say that as I sit here 17 years later, my tastes have changed, yet I still have so much of that crap.  Blessed am I for having a mom who shares in this addiction.  She did the same thing and made many of the same purchases.  Lucky for her, she has manages to move her fabric a little faster and doesn’t have the degree of bad fabric that I do.

So, for many years, I’ve made a bunch of quilts with minimal purchases.  Of course, I make several quilts a year with new, pretty fabrics, too, because really, who should have to still be sewing on those fabrics all these years later?

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