Charm Pack Table Runners

I thought perhaps I should go ahead and try my hand at photography.  This isn’t one of my selling points as you will soon see.  I keep thinking I need a new camera, but I rather feel it’s the user that needs to be replaced.  My husband is even worse.  I’ll read up on photography and hopefully grow as the blog grows.  Since I don’t have a reader yet (Mom doesn’t even know about this), it isn’t really an issue yet.

On the way home from Kansas a week ago, I finished the binding on a couple table runners, so I’m posting them.  All three of the table runners were made from charm packs.  One is Moda Pumpkins Gone Wild by Sandy Gervais.  I hope  Ms. Gervais doesn’t kill me, but I did throw in a little, well, nevermind [we won’t mention any names, but I’ve been holding on to it for years.].  The pattern is from the book Charmed and Dangerous.  If I had it to do over again, I’d trash the sashing; however, it was in my stash, and I feel that in some way, it helps me justify buying the new charm pack.

Next on the list is the Moda Oh Cherry Oh table runner.  My local quilt shop has a binder of free patterns that you can have if you buy a charm pack, jelly roll, etc., and this pattern was from the binder.  It started out as a baby quilt pattern that my friend Midge modified and I stole from her.

and here it is with the Urban Couture fabrics

These will probably be sent to family members for Christmas.  I did make them for particular people in my family, so let’s see if I can follow through with my intended plan.

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