QuiltCon Challenge Blocks

My guild had a workday and put together the challenge blocks that we were sent.  People from all over the country made these blocks, and we put them together into a quilt.  My guild let me quit it, and boy did I have fun.


I had just received a thread order and really went to town embellishing those feathers using Patsy Thompson‘s hyperquilting technique.  The neon is my latest favorite thread.  (This is not a sponsored post.  Superior has never sent me anything free– this is just me telling you how much I love their products!)

This quilt will hang at QuiltCon and will then go to Austin Children’s shelter.  There will be 47 quilts in this series for the 47 beds.  Soon you’ll see our other quilt, which I also quilted.

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Aggie T-shirt quilt

This quilt is special.  It’s the fist person who has received a baby quilt and a graduation quilt from me, which means I’ve been doing this a while.  (It also means that I rarely make baby quilts.)  So this is for my college roommate’s daughter.


Wait, let me back up.  Mika was my college roommate.  But really, she’s a lot more.  Our grandparents pipelined together, our mom’s grew up together, and we were college roommates.  I was her maid of honor, her daughter has my name for her middle name, and she’s really like a best friend.  She’s actually the friend who we’ll take each other’s secrets to the grave– the kind of friend every girl has.  And our mom’s have the same relationship with each other.  So, anyway, this is for her daughter Megan Danielle, who is attending our alma mater.

My husband and I, along with Megan’s mom and dad all are graduates of A&M, so to have Megan go to school there, it really gives me a reason to remember the good ol’ days with her mom. BTW, Megan received this quilt for graduation last spring (but I’m just now posting!), and I just heard that she made the dean’s list.  Whoop!!

Okay, the quilt… let’s discuss.  I wasn’t planning to make a t-shirt quilt, but since her experience is really an experience for all of us, I wanted to put a little piece of her parents and my husband and I in there.  I have her dad’s lacrosse jersey, and a shirt from each of the rest of us.  I’d hate for her to be at A&M alone since I kind of broke the family cycle by not giving her a best friend like our grandparents did for our moms and our moms did for us:-)

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Bento Box


If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that this month is my 20 year quiltaversary, and for years my husband has been complaining that all the quilts on all the beds in our house are store bought.  Look, in all honesty, when you can find a Denyse Schmidt quilt on sale for $40, you buy it, am I right?

Anyway, so to appease my husband, I made a quilt a couple years ago for our bed.  But I just get tired of looking at it year round, so I needed a summer/fall quilt.  And I just so happened to have a stack of Amy Butler Love and some Moda Crossweaves onhand.  And you know, they looked pretty sweet together.  So now we have another quilt for the giant bed.  I drafted the pattern myself, and check out those sheets!  Amy Butler from Bed, Bath, & Beyond!  Sweet!  Oh, and don’t mind the naked guy in the corner.

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Ruth’s Legacy

St. Pious X Steeple, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Pious X Steeple, New Orleans, Louisiana

My Aunt Ruth passed two years ago this month, and when I was at her funeral in New Orleans, I looked up into the steeple of St. Pious X, the church where she had attended daily mass for a gazillion years, and I knew what I should do to pay tribute to the spiritual legacy she left our family. Aunt Ruth was the first lady I knew who went to daily mass.  Before her, I didn’t even realize that they offered church on weekdays.  (Sorry, Mom and Dad, but it’s true.)  So I made this quilt, that I will pass on to my Uncle Lucien, or one of her sons… as soon as I can part with it.  I was hoping to show it at QuiltCon, but it didn’t make the cut.  Maybe I’ll shoot for Dallas or San Antonio this year.


Feel free to click on the image to see it larger.  As you can see, I had a lot of fun quilting it, too.  I was working on this trying to beat the QuiltCon deadline entry, so I channeled Aunt Ruth, and you know, I think she heard me because my tension was flawless, and my thread did not break once.  It was the perfect quilting day with Aunt Ruth guiding me at my machine.


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Bella by Lotta Jansdotter


My LQS received the Bella Jansdotter Bella collection.  It was so lovely, so I made a quilt for the shop using Windham’s free pattern to be displayed at the shop.  If you are planning to make this quilt, please give me a call so that I can tell you an easier way to get this quilt top finished.  I spent two days making this quilt, and it’s only baby quilt size.


The quilting was fun because the fabric really spoke to me.  It made me wish the quilt was bigger because I definitely wasn’t ready to stop when I reached the end.

Also, today’s quilt and yesterday’s quilt are for sale in my FB photo album showing my sale items.  The quilt will be available when the quilt shop is out of the fabric.


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A little scrap action

My scrap situation is downright ridiculous.  Seriously, I have 10 scrap baskets, which are all crammed totally full.  So I made this after I fell in love with Amanda Jean’s.

ImageThe only disappointing part is that I think I have more scraps now than when I started because of all the solids I had to cut into.  There are some serious scrap quilts in my immediate future.

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Teacher Gifts

Nacho Baby has an amazing teacher this year.  She differentiates instruction, is creative as can be, and is a master at seamlessly integrating technology in her lessons.  The best part, though, is that she has made learning fun for my son.  Overall, this has been the best year for my son.  We moved to a new house, and now Nacho Baby gets to ride the school bus, which is probably his favorite thing in the whole world!


Before the year began, I made this tote for his teacher.  I saw it on Pinterest, of course.  And I followed the path and the girl who made one had an etsy shop that I can’t seem to find.  Maybe she is no longer selling her wares.  Anyway, as soon as I can find it, I’ll plug in the link.  If you find it sooner, feel free to share.  So, this girl with the shop will sell these personalized bags for $30ish, which is a great price when you consider the hand-stitching around the letters. This was fun to make, but there probably won’t be another one made here:-)

How did I make it?  I bought the bag at my local craft store– 3 bags for $7.99!  Then I put fusible webbing on the back of several scraps that I then cut into triangles, and then fused them on the bag.  Afterward, I attached rick rack.  Then, I made the letters, fused them, and went around them with perle cotton by hand. Easy peasy.

For Christmas, I made Mrs. Reynolds a quilted ipad cover. (I also gave her an itunes gift card)


I used Freckled Whimsy’s free tutorial.  It pretty much demystifies zippers.  Seriously.  I didn’t even cuss.  The only change in the pattern was that I made it a little larger so that an ipad with a smart cover could more easily fit in it.  The first ones I made will fit my Nook, but then I made it a little larger for my ipad2.  Stylistically, I’m completely inspired by Amber Carrillo.  She has amazing style.  In fact, go look at her stuff in her etsy shop.  Her blog is also awesome.  She’s always working on something cute and clever.  In fact, if you like her stuff, contact her because I know she does this for a living and will ship to you!

The one thing I’d change about this ipad case for Mrs. Reynolds is that I’d use a lighter green for the dialogue balloon so that the words can be seen.  Or maybe just use a black thread.


So there you have it.  What crafty things did you make (or plan to make) this year?


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