Scrappy Trippin’


Gotta little story for ya.  July 21, when our family was in bed, our house caught on fire. We made it out okay, fortunately.


Before we move on, see that window upstairs? That’s where my longarm used to be. Notice that there isn’t a roof right there? Flames. Notice the floor is missing right there? Flames, y’all.  See the plastic sheeting downstairs where the back door used to be? Flames. This fire was a beast, and we were so, so lucky that we all made it out safely.

So things have been tough, but there are so, so many good things– like our support network.  My quilt guild mobilized immediately. They brought diet coke, toiletries, clothes, some cash for anything we needed, and a million other things. One thing I didn’t expect was a tub of fabric.  Beautiful fabric that was just my flavor. And when I saw it, I just crumbled. Who else would know that in times like this, having something to do, to create, would be so imperative to me keeping my sanity.  They knew.  Our guild is 100 members strong, and we love being together. And when we aren’t together, we are texting and calling and hanging out online together.  One of the things we do regularly is have quilt-a-longs.  At that time, we were just starting the Scrappy Trip Along. I had already made one, in May, but decided to join in on the fun anyway.

image image

Little did I even know that making this quilt would pull me through to the other side of healing. I only did it so that I could connect with my tribe, people who I love so dearly and I know love me the same, but I got so much more from this experience. Soon, I’ll tell you about some other silver linings❤️

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Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I’ve been playing around with embroidery like crazy lately. It all started when I found Urban Threads. Holy Mama! Their stuff is pretty awesome. And every week or two they have a free design, a new release, and something on sale.  So I made a pillow because this design was FREE.  And no, this is not a sponsored post.  I just love their stuff.  The fabric is Art Gallery’s Reminisce.  And no, they did not sponsor this post either.  I paid for the fabric, kids.  But I did get it on sale because this girl loves a bargain!


And yes, I stipple quilted it. I know, I know, it’s kind of like the cobbler’s kids having lousy shoes and teachers’ kids acting like little turds. I’m a quilter and have stippled quilts. It’s a travesty that I can live with, though. I mean, usually I’m not inviting people into my bedroom, so aside from you guys, no one will know.


As for the quilt on the bed, that’s a fun story, too.  I won my guild’s block of the month.  Well, actually I made 11 blocks so that I would have the odds ever in my favor!  And I did win.  In fact, I won 60 blocks!  So I ended up making about 70 more, threw them together into a quilt, and voila!  A summer quilt for the bed.   And just because I wanted one quilt that wasn’t stippled, I did a light custom job on it.  Now I have 3 quilts I’ve made for my bed.  My goal is one more, then I can switch them out seasonally.  In theory anyway:-)

Happy Quilting,



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Boy Scout Quilt


Another quilt for another graduate.  All done using Robert Kaufman boy scout fabric, Yarn-dyed Essex Linen, and a handful of scraps for the feathers.  This was improvisationally pieced with only a slight vision of where it was headed.


I love Anna Maria Horner’s feathers and swear I could use them in every quilt.  I’m not sure if feathers and boy scouts are related, so if they aren’t, let’s just pretend.  Isn’t there Order of the Arrow or something?  Anyway, you know I’m a shameless AMH fangirl, so the feathers were the first thing to jump in my mind when I knew I needed to make a boyscout quilt!


And have you met Lillie?  She’s my mother’s dog and came down to Texas to retire.  She’s 15 and just isn’t up for Kansas winters any more. But she loves Texas!  And boy scout quilts!


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Tex-Mexican Birthday Party

The first time I saw this pattern, I saw piñatas in the negative space.  We love all things Tex-Mex down here in San Antonio, and when I look at this quilt, I feel the need to drink a margarita, do a Mexican hat dance, and bust a pinata.  In that order, mind you.


Truth be told, this wasn’t a quilt I wanted to make.  I was sort of pushed into it by a friend.  And thank goodness for her because this was seriously the most fun I have ever had making a quilt.  I worked on it at two weekend quilting retreats because I just had to make one more block.  16 times.


And now the quilt is living with my friend Keri.  I miss the quilt so much that I might need to file for visitation.  This is the quilt I wish I had in my collection. The one I was saddest to let go (yet thrilled it was going to someone who loves it like I do).  My favorite from the last 21 years of quiltmaking.

Pattern is in Material Obsession 2.

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The Panda Quilt: theme-y without being too theme-y

My cousin graduated from high school last year, and my aunt ordered a couple quilts for her son’s friends.  My inspiration for this quilt was that the graduate loves panda bears.  Okay, fun challenge– how can I make a quilt that matches my aesthetic without being too theme-y?


I found a panda and a bamboo fabric, and I added some solids, as I love to do in every quilt.  Then I threw in a few prints to add some texture.  And then I started chopping up the fabric.  This is what came out on the other side, after some mouse-maze quilting.  So there you have it.  The panda quilt.



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Double Wedding Ring

On every quilter’s bucket list is the double wedding ring quilt, right? Two years ago, I finally started one.  Again.  Confession:  I started one years and years ago (paper piecing and piecing the rings the traditional way), but a few years ago I traded it at a UFO swap.  But this new one, well, I just needed a fresh start and a fresh technique.


I opted for the QuiltSmart method because it seemed much more do-able.  QuiltSmart is pre-printed interfacing, so it’s like paper piecing, and applique.  And the verdict?  I think I prefer the original method using templates.  It makes for a less-bulky seam.


The colors were chosen by my client.  She wanted a dwr in red, blue, yellow, and green.  What shades of those colors, I asked?  Any.  So this is my interpretation.  Did I mention this is king size?  I swear this weighs 30 lbs, too.  It’s giant and heavy.  But fun, oh so fun.  Can you tell I had a great time quilting it?


I just wish I had taken a pic of the backing.  I’m hoping that this quilt is enjoying it’s new home and is loved by its new owner as much as it was loved by me.  Also, a special thanks to Kelly P and Kim C for helping with the piecing and especially the turning of the arcs.  After I did about 8, I was over it, so this quilt could have never happened without those awesome friends of mine.

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T-Shirt Quilts

My friend Vickie and I make tons of t-shirt quilts.  Seriously, it’s beyond ridiculous.  Here’s the latest batch for your perusal.  






If you are interested in having one made, give us a shout!

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